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Cool River Massage Therapy

Cool River Massage is located at the back Flow Yoga Studio, on the “Cotee” River Port Richey, Florida. Providing excellent quality therapeutic massage therapy since 2009.

Foot Massage

Rediscover the joy of pain-free feet with a soothing foot massage based on principles of reflexology. Soothes and relaxes  the whole body through the feet and ad lower legs. Click for more details

30 Minutes $40

deep tissue massage exampless

Deep Tissue Massage

Definitely the most popular service offered here. Deep pressure to address knots, pain, tightness, trigger points and other muscular disfunction. Click for more details. 

60 Minutes $75 / 90 minutes $110

couples massage therapists

Couples Massage

Two people can come in together and and enjoy one massage room, two tables and 2 therapists. This service must be booked by phone. Click for details). 

 60 Minutes $150 (2 people)

example of ashiatsu

Deep Massage + ashiatsu

If you love deep pressure, you can get even deeper pressure with some Ashiatsu. This means foot pressure.  Therapist will use feet as well as hands, to provide relief. Click for more details.

60 Minutes $75 / 90 minutes $110

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