Cool River Massage Therapy is Here To Serve You[/title][fusion_text]Whether it’s intense deep tissue or the most gentle prenatal massage or something in between, there is a massage for you. Below are some of the choices you have for types of massage that I do.

Each session will be designed with your needs and preferences in mind. We will create a massage session to fit your goals. If you don’t know what you want, I can help you decide. Experienced or inexperienced with massage? New and nervous? No problem. I will do my best to make you feel as comfortable as can be  and provide the most enjoyable massage experience possible

Why Choose Cool River Massage for Your Therapy?Consistently Excellent Massage Services. Coming here is not like going to a big spa or clinic where you may have be worked on by a different therapist every time. You will always have my full attention. I will get to know your body, your needs, and preferences. My work will be as good or better every time you come in to see me. Have Your Massage The Way you Like It” open=”no”]When my clients tells me what they want and prefer in regard to their massage, I will always do my best to provide it. Feel comfortable asking for the pressure and style of massage that you prefer. If you do or don’t like something please speak up. [/toggle][toggle title=”8 Years Experience and Dedication Show ” open=”no”]My experience and passion for what I’m doing shows in my massage. Clients return to me because they appreciate the quality of my work, and because it makes them feel better. newdeep1

Deep Tissue

This is the massage style you want if you have knots and other painful spots in your muscles. Get to the source of the pain and help eliminate it.

port-richey-sports-massageSports Massage

Athletes often  need massage before and after events to help improve performance and recovery.newswedish3

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Dont like deep pressure? Just want to relax and feel pampered? Swedish massage might be more your style. Soothing long strokes, no intense deep work. relieves stress and puts you in a state of relaxation.All of my services are available as gift certificates. I use an online service that lets you purchase and print
certificates yourself by credit card. Safely and securely.